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Kristen Psaki - Psychedelic Spiritual Care

Community Group
Boulder CO
Kristen specializes in psychedelic-assisted spiritual companionship through or outside of the context of a religious tradition. Whether healing from a tradition from your childhood that could not see your magnificence, desiring to deepen in your faith as it is, following that bone-deep longing to pray or praise for the very first time, or just caught in big questions or big struggles – Kristen partners with psychedelics to create spaces to move toward the questions, the pain, and the beauty of life as you explore healing and wholeness. Trained as an end-of-life and crisis chaplain, Kristen also specializes in psychedelic-assisted grief work as well as psychedelic-assisted spiritual companionship through death and dying knowing that death and grief must be held in community. Areas of Specialization: Psychedelic-Assisted Spiritual Companionship