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Ayahuasca Integration Facilitator Training

Ayahuasca Integration Facilitator Training

Over 15,000 students taught
Psychedelic Support has enrolled over 15,000 students in our free and paid courses! All proceeds from our paid courses have gone into funding more education and resources for the public around safe and ethical use of psychedelics in therapy and harm reduction.
Training Description

Psychedelic integration is a rapidly growing field worldwide with limited providers knowledgeable in assisting people after Ayahuasca experiences. Ayahuasca has powerful healing potential but without integration many fall back to their old habits and struggles. In this training program, you will learn how to create a safe, ethical, and professional container where deep integration and healing can happen that will last over time. Our proven framework and toolbox will allow you to support your clients to maximize their healing potential.

We believe it’s vital for integration facilitators to have first-hand experience with Mother Ayahuasca and undergo deep personal integration work. This training will give you an immersive experience and a practical framework to apply to all aspects of life. You will go through an exploration of our expert curriculum in an embodied way throughout your journey. Through experiential and didactic learning, you will learn how to work with material that arises in the Ayahuasca integration process. The approach taught is based on the personal experience of the instructors and their practice with many clients. 


Who is this for?

This training is for anyone with a personal relationship with Mother Ayahuasca and who feels called to assist others with their Ayahuasca integration process. The program is designed for therapists, healers, guides, and coaches who want to incorporate plant medicine integration into their practice. Anyone in the psychedelic field who wants to deepen their understanding of plant medicine work (ceremonial space holders, retreat owners, event organizers, etc.) may enroll. The program is perfect for medical professionals and therapists seeking training outside the Western medical paradigm to expand their perspectives and gain personal experience.

This program is NOT a ceremony facilitation course. If you are looking for training to serve Ayahuasca or other plant medicines in a ceremonial context, we recommend you go to South America to learn directly from traditional wisdom keepers of the medicine.

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Training Curriculum

The program includes 300+ hours of training in a small group setting (max 12 students).

  1. Preparation (set and setting)
    • April 10, 2024 - June 26, 2024
    • Weekly online classes via Zoom (90 mins)
    • Wednesdays at 1 pm PT (Pacific Time)
    • 12 classes, 18 hours
  2. Immersion retreat in Mexico
    • July 9, 2024 - August 13, 2024
    • 180 hours, 5 weeks
  3. The Integration Process
    • August 21, 2024 - July 13, 2025
    • Weekly online classes via Zoom (90 mins)
    • Wednesdays at 1 pm PT (Pacific Time)
    • 48 classes, 72 hours
    • Study groups, 36 hours

This program will take you through the 4 levels of responsible preparation and integration of Ayahuasca integration facilitation. You will explore different models, tools, and technologies for healing and expanding awareness on each level. 

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Level 1: Healing the Physical Body

“Your body as your ally.”

The focus is on physical healing and purification. On this level, you will explore holistic, natural ways to create new healthy habits and to support the body to return to its optimal function. You will learn how to prepare the body to support deeper healing work. Honoring the body as an ally and treating it with love and respect helps to ground into our physical container.

Tools & Technologies 

  • Body cleanse
  • Detoxification systems
  • Diet, nutrition, and hydration
  • Movement medicine
  • Qi-gong, yoga therapy
  • Breathwork
  • Somatic experiencing
  • Sound healing
  • Tension and trauma release exercises

Level 2: Healing the Emotional Body

“Reclaiming your right to feel.”

The focus is on emotional healing and purification. On this level, you will explore practical ways to release suppressed emotions and facilitates healthy emotional expression and connection. You will learn how to identify emotional triggers and let go of emotional tension. Embracing your emotional nature will allow you to access your intuitive guidance and make better life decisions.

Tools & Technologies 

  • Trauma healing
  • Inner child work
  • Emotional release techniques
  • Movement medicine
  • Sacred voice work
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Following intuitive guidance
  • Healing the family lineage
  • Breathwork and bodywork

Level 3: Healing the Mental Body

“Clear your mind.”

The focus is on mental healing and purification. On this level, you will explore proven techniques that facilitate a deep exploration of your mind, both conscious and unconscious. You will learn how to identify and transform limiting beliefs and shift your perception. Using your mind with conscious awareness as a powerful tool will assist you to access your higher mind and to transcend the Ego.

Tools & Technologies 

  • Transpersonal psychology
  • Compassionate inquiry (Dr. Gabor Mate)
  • Shadow work
  • The Dark Night of the Soul
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Rewriting your story
  • The Work (Byron Katie)
  • The Hero’s Journey (Campbell)
  • From fear to love (The Course in Miracles)

Level 4: Spiritual Reconnection

“I am divine.”

The focus is on embracing your spiritual nature. On this level, you will explore the Native American medicine wheel and the Four Altars as a road map for reaching higher states of consciousness. You will learn how to create your own powerful prayers and rituals to embody the sacred in your life and to step into your power as a Divine Creator.

Tools & Technologies 

  • Shamanic practices
  • Why awakening is a destructive process
  • The Native American Medicine
  • Wheel and the Four Altars (Alonso del Rio)
  • Earth practices
  • Prayers, rituals, and ceremonies
  • Working with the 4 elements
  • Universal cycles and rhythms (The Mayan Calendar)

Comprehensive Curriculum 

In this program, you will explore the following topics in an embodied way throughout your personal journey. 

You will learn how to work with material that arises in the Ayahuasca integration process. Using this framework and toolbox will allow you to support your clients to maximize their healing potential.

  • Universal laws of transformation, The Native American Medicine Wheel, The Four Altars, roadmaps to navigate different states of consciousness
  • Transpersonal psychology, the development of personality and childhood conditioning
  • Programming, indoctrination, social engineering, and their effect on human behavior
  • The multidimensional self of body, mind, heart and spirit
  • The 3 waves and 4 levels of Ayahuasca integration
  • Trauma healing, shadow work, Inner child healing, ancestral healing
  • The nature of the mind and the hierarchy of beliefs
  • The difference between service and self-sacrifice
  • Self-sabotage and self-punishment and how we limit ourselves
  • The persecutor, victim, and savior dynamic
  • Responsibility and personal empowerment
  • The road to self-love/acceptance, remembering who you truly are
  • Ayahuasca as a heart medicine, you as the healer, and love is the medicine
  • Modern shamanism, the legality of Ayahuasca, and the growing interest of the West
  • The future of psychedelic-assisted therapy
  • Starting a career in psychedelic integration and growing your own business
  • Cultural appropriation and sacred reciprocity
  • Healing as sacred activism and stepping onto your higher path
  • The integrity of a healer, creating a safe healing container, and our Code of Ethics
  • Supervision and self-care for healers
  • Toolbox of the facilitator and what makes an excellent guide

About the Instructors

We are passionate about the plant medicine path that greatly assisted us in our healing and awakening and brought us so many gifts. We offer this training program to share the seed of awareness and love to assist those called to serve the plant medicine integration path. We are excited to take this next step with you and to support you in becoming a professional and confident integration facilitator.

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Meet your Training Instructors:
Nina Izel
Nina Izel is the founder of Avatar Healing Arts and an experienced ayahuasca integration facilitator. Working in the healing field as a therapist and teacher for over 20+ years, she believes that psychedelic breakthrough therapies have the potential to radically alter the Western medical paradigm by introducing a different healing path. Nina is the author of the book Heart Medicine: Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy and the Integration Process and hosts the podcast Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy and Training.
Nina Izel
Avatar Healing Arts
Anna Waterbird
Assistant Instructor
My own personal healing journey began in my early 20's when my body started telling me that something was not right. An amazing craniosacral therapist came across my path and helped me find and release emotions that I was storing in my body. The experience inspired and enlightened me so much and I finally understood that healing was not just physical, but mental, emotional and spiritual so I started healing myself on all levels. Several years later, something happened in my life that and I got to learn how to heal a very deep and layered emotional wound. My biggest tool for that healing has been plant medicine. Peyote has been my teacher, Ayahuasca has been my guide and with their help I became my own healer. Through the master plants of Ayahuasca and Peyote, I received intuitive guidance to go deeper into plant medicine work and prepare to guide others. I feel that the Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy training is my next step on my journey and I am excited to be part of this new beginning. Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy training gives a beautiful and safe container and framework to support others in a deep healing process with the Mother Ayahuasca. I am so honored to add this training to my toolbox to assist others. My greatest desire is to be in grateful service to others, to the plants, and to honor all life as sacred. I have been walking the red road and supporting Peyote ceremonies since 2015 and recently, I started supporting Ayahuasca ceremonies as well. I love seeing how profoundly my life and the life of others changes when working with these medicines. In the ceremonies, we learn to remember how to live a good life but the real ceremony begins after as we take what we learned and apply it to our lives to live a sacred life. I am deeply honored to help others heal and learn through their journey with the Mother Ayahuasca so that they can be free and live a sacred life. I knew from an early age that I was very different from everyone around me and that I chose to come to this earth to help people heal. In my early teen years, I had people come to me for physical healing. At that time, I had no training, but let my intuition lead me as I put my hands over their injury and used energy to heal them. Over the years I have studied various different natural energy healing methods and modalities. I believe that all kinds of healing methods, including plant medicines, have an important place and work together. Keeping an open mind and continue learning and discovering is an essential characteristic of a healer. My education and modalities include Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Reiki, Magnet Therapy, Auriculotherapy, Kaleidoscope Therapy, Red Road, Plant Medicine, sitting with the elders, earth practices, sweat lodges, singer, song writer of healing medicine songs, moon dancer.
Anna Waterbird
Healer and Founder of Ometeotl Intentional Community
Ometeotl Intentional Community
Bonnie Divina Maa, RN, CCRN, E-RYT 500
I’m a Practitioner of Energy Medicine, Certified Advanced Kambo Practitioner, Ceremonialist, Ascension and Integration Specialist. Every healer brings something unique and what I bring is over twenty-five years of experience in the healing profession as well as the grace to have sat at the feet of many enlightened masters throughout the world. Due to the nature of my work in critical care as well as my work in the shamanic realm, I have an immense capacity to hold space for those who have suffered trauma so true healing can take place. I also have the capacity to help those who have healed a lot in this lifetime expand into even higher vibrations and more enlightened ways of Being. By accessing the intuitive wisdom that enables me to see and feel into your energetic body, I can help you transmute old patterns, move stagnant energy, and access higher realms. I began my study of plant power in 1998 with herbalism and aromatherapy. I began working with medicines such as Ayahuasca, Kambo, Huachuma, Bufo, Coca leaf, Sananga, Mapacho, Psilocybin, Tobacco, Cacao, and Rapé in 2012 and have spent a lot of time in the jungle and the mountains of Peru as well as other places in the world learning from various shamans, medicine women, and practitioners to deepen my understanding and to support others on their plant medicine path. My technique is subtle, profound, and highly effective. Gently guiding you, I will help you recall the fragments of your soul that have been waiting to return and help you return to wholeness. My tools include emergency medicine (ER), trauma and cardiac care, Thai massage, yoga therapy, sound healing, breathwork, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, womb healing, ancestral medicine, plant medicine integration, shamanic journeying, quantum healing, tantric and Taoist practices.
Bonnie Divina Maa, RN, CCRN, E-RYT 500
Energy Medicine Practitioner
Awaken Ascend
Extra Info

Program Overview:

  • April 2024 – July 2025
  • 300+ hrs of live online training over 15 months
  • Small group cohorts (max 12 students)
  • Expert curriculum with a proven framework that works in real life
  • 5-week Immersion Retreat in Mexico
  • Study groups and real case studies 
  • Training materials with a multidisciplinary approach 
  • Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
  • Best value for the cost
  • Additional personal sessions with Nina with a 50% discount

Pricing & Payment Options:

  • The training program costs $22,000
  • For the 2024 introductory cohort, the program costs $17,000 
  • Early bird pricing at $15,000 until September 30, 2023
  • Payment plan available 

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