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Building a Psychedelic Medicine Clinic (Workshop 1)

Building a Psychedelic Medicine Clinic (Workshop 1)


Workshop Description
Join PRATI for a workshop on Building a Psychedelic Medicine Clinic: Clinical Foundations, Systems, and Procedures (Workshop 1)

PRATI’s Building a Psychedelic Medicine Clinic Workshop (Workshop 1) focuses on delivering practical skills to build and run a psychedelic medicine clinic. It was originally recorded on November 14th – 15th, 2020. The workshop is now available through online videos and resource documents. Learn from the experts how to build and run your own psychedelic medicine clinic.

The numbers of those struggling with mental illness continues to escalate and our current model of psychological care has many failings. Psychedelic medicine represents a new paradigm in mental health care. The lay and professional interest in this new model of care has exploded in the last few years. A huge number of practitioners are eager to deliver services with MDMA, psilocybin and ketamine in a true psychedelic framework. Let us help you learn how to navigate this new space and gain the skills you need to open your own business.

Using psychedelics as a treatment option will require that providers of care be able to set-up and run a clinic designed specifically for psychedelic medicine. Once rescheduled, MDMA and psilocybin will require specifics in clinical format, setting, and professional training. In spite of a true passion for this work many practitioners do not feel they are ready or able to set up or manage such a clinic, which is why PRATI has designed a course specifically to teach practitioners what they need to know in order to prepare mental health providers to work in psychedelic medicine. We have gathered a diverse and experienced faculty that will prepare you to successfully open a psychedelic medicine clinic.

*CE/CME is NOT available for this workshop.

Workshop (17.5 hours of recorded video with reference materials and workbook)

  • Clinic Foundations focuses on the basic elements of business management.
  • Welcome, introductions and overview
  • Working in Complexity and Shifting Towards Relational Models
  • The New Workplace
  • The Challenges of Opening and Running a Clinic
  • The Four Pillars-Introduction
  • COVID – 19 considerations
  • Clinic Systems and Procedures teaches practitioners methods to run and operate a clinic
  • Operations
  • Budgets and Money
  • Administration
  • Marketing

What you will learn:

This workshop is designed for health care professionals who wish to develop, open and manage a psychedelic medicine clinic. It is designed to be practical and cover basic fundamental skills needed to operate a successful business. You will learn basic essential skills that include how to:

  1. Discover your goals and action steps
  2. Budget for set-up and operations
  3. Hire the correct clinical staff members
  4. Establish strong local community relationships
  5. Evaluate how Psychedelic medicine culture relates to outreach and marketing
  6. Identify the correct legal and tax structure for your goals
  7. Create a green clinic and operate it in a sustainable manner
  8. Formulate an operations manual that delivers value and to model what that looks like
  9. Set up real leadership and what that looks like in a business of this size
  10. Apply new team models that create effective connection and communication

Meet your Workshop Instructors
Scott Shannon, MD
Scott Shannon, MD
Scott Shannon, MD has been a student of consciousness since his honor’s thesis on this topic in the 1970s. Following medical school, MDMA assisted psychotherapy became a facet of his practice before this medicine was scheduled in 1985. Scott has been a transformative agent in mental health and a visionary leader in integrative medicine for over two decades. He is a cannabidiol and MDMA researcher as well as a sought-after trainer and speaker. Currently, Scott works extensively with a broad range of ketamine services including ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in his large innovative clinic. He lectures all over the world to professionals interested in a deeper look at mental health issues, ketamine, psychedelics and a paradigm shifting perspective about transformative care.
Scott Shannon, MD
Course Director
Mary Rondeau ND, RH(AHG)
Mary Rondeau ND, RH(AHG)
Mary Rondeau ND, RH(AHG) is a naturopathic doctor and registered herbalist who has a deep interest in plants and their ability to alter the human body and mind. She previously conducted research at Colorado State University on Mycobacterium tuberculosis prior to her completion of naturopathic medical school. She brings together a balance of being a practitioner and drive to teach other providers how to be successful business owners. She is driven to change the mental health field to be more holistically focused and this includes the use of traditional plant medicines to aid in healing transformations. Currently she has a private clinical practice and teaches nationally about integrative psychiatry, naturopathic medicine, nutrition, and botanical medicine.
Mary Rondeau ND, RH(AHG)
Jamie Harvie
Jamie Harvie
Jamie Harvie is the founder of the One Sacred Earth Project and serves as President of the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute (PRATI) and the Duluth Whole Foods Co-op. Jamie is nationally recognized for his extensive experience at the nexus of health, community, environment and health care. Jamie led the successful coordination and passage of mercury product legislation. He is the recipient of the NRDC National Thought Leader award for his work on sustainable food systems and health care. His work is published widely for journals including the Stanford Social Innovation Review, and is a contributor to a textbooks including Integrative Medicine. Jamie offers organizational development, strategic planning and collaborative leadership training and serves as a racial healing circle facilitator.
Jamie Harvie
Jessica Breemen, MSW
Jessica Breemen, MSW
Jessica Breemen, MSW was awarded her Master of Social Work in May of 2020, has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice & Criminology, and is a certified Scrum Master. Her research has focused on organizational development, criminal justice and drug policy reform, full spectrum harm reduction, as well as MDMA and ketamine-assisted psychotherapies. Jessica is a Senior Project Leader for a social justice non-profit dedicated to incubating and supporting social ventures to build progressive political power and civic engagement with low income and BIPOC communities. Jessica serves on the board of directors of DanceSafe and completed her MSW advanced specialty field placement during her 2019-2020 school year at Wholeness Center in Fort Collins, CO.
Jessica Breemen, MSW
Andy Belanger
Andy Belanger
Andy Belanger is a strategic business coach with Heros Business Solutions Inc. He has been coaching Health professionals nationally/internationally for 32 years and counting. His passion is providing a strong Business of health foundation so that health professionals succeed and help more people.
Andy Belanger
Extra Info

17.5hrs Pre-recorded content, access at any time!


This training provides the necessary business fundamentals one needs to create a successful clinic that can scale. I would highly recommend this training for anyone seeking a comprehensive overview of everything that’s needed to build a solid foundation. You will have concrete take-aways. I guarantee!
Dan Ronken, LPC - LAC, Inclusion Recovery, LLC

This is a course that every new healthcare provider should attend. Even if you are already a business owner, the information you will be given is gold.
Abid Nazeer, MD

This was the most professionally relevant training I have attended in the last 15 years. It illuminated the path through the financial aspects of private practice which has continuously held me back. My confidence in my ability to run my nonprofit has increased exponentially. Every CEO can benefit from this training.
Jacqueline Fisher