Adam Whiteley, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker
Ann Arbor MI
Basing my work in authentic, genuine and compassionate interactions, I work from a strengths based, person centered, and collaborative framework. No two people are alike, and no two lives are the same. You are the expert of your own lived experience. With this in mind I work to create a safe space of healing and support unique to you. I am passionate about the quiet power of mindfulness and meditation, embracing creativity and assisting in cultivating self compassion. In partnering with clients, we work together to create a safe and comfortable space to explore their own power for healing. My interests lie in Somatic Experiencing for the healing of trauma stored in the body, the use of nature, gardening and farming as a tool for self reflection and mindfulness, and the therapeutic integration of experiences of non-ordinary states of consciousness. Taking the first step towards healing or help can often be the hardest part, and finding the right therapist that fits can be overwhelming. I humbly welcome individuals of all races, ethnicities, backgrounds, gender identities, and sexuality. Whatever an individual’s struggle or goal, it is with gratitude and privilege that I hold that space and intention with them.
There are many types of journeys, some are inward, and some are outward. Whether struggling with mental health, grief, trauma, or the pressures of life in this fast-paced and overwhelming world, all of us deserve to be seen, heard, understood, and to live fulfilling and healthy lives. This can seem an impossible mountain to climb when we find ourselves deep within a valley of despair or flooded by overwhelming experiences. It is OK to ask for help. And I am glad that you are here. I received my masters degree in clinical social work from the University of Michigan. As a masters student I co-founded the Student Association for Psychedelic Studies, an interdisciplinary student organization led by graduate students based in the UM School of Social Work, whose mission is to educate and collaborate around the emerging body of research on the potential for healing and growth that psychedelic, entheogenic and plant medicines hold. I have received additional training in psychedelic integration, psilocybin assisted therapy in a clinical trial setting, mindfulness based interventions, and trauma informed and somatic based therapy.