Alesya Nazarova, PsyD

Portland OR
Alesya offers psychedelic integration where she helps her clients clarify, make sense of, and work through the contents that emerge during the psychedelic experience. Given the multilayered nature of these experiences, she draws on a range of therapeutic approaches to address each level. For instance, a psychodynamic lens provides deep insights at the biographical level, Jungian analytic psychology proves invaluable for navigating symbolic and archetypal realms, Grof’s work sheds light on transpersonal aspects, and Internal Family Systems (IFS) brings precision in addressing various parts of the personality.
Alesya is a licensed clinical psychologist, having received her Psy.D. from George Washington University and completed her postdoctoral residency at Cornell University. A lifelong student of wisdom traditions and non-ordinary states of consciousness, Alesya is in awe of their potential to heal and illuminate the nature of the mind and reality.