Alexandra Meyer, MSW, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker
New York NY
I believe in a client-centered approach while working with my clients- no one knows the client better than themselves! At my full-time social work position, I work with individuals diagnosed with HIV or have been impacted by HIV and provide individual psychotherapy sessions. My goals with my clients are to obtain or learn new perspectives, increase acceptance of self, and improve confidence and self-esteem. I view my therapeutic style as calm, nonjudgemental, and humble. I like to say that I learn as much from my clients and their experience as they learn from me.
I am social worker in NYC currently working with the HIV/LGBTQIA population. I obtained my MSW from New York University, and my BA in English Literature from the University of Pennsylvania. I am a former figure skater of 15 years and take this experience with me on a personal and professional level. My goal is to use this former experience to explore yoga and meditation, as well as relaxation techniques during times of stress. My journey in the therapeutic world of psychedelics is new, but one I had hoped for several years would come to fruition. I am looking forward to continuing my work in this field.