Angela Caruk, MA, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor
Victoria BC
I have 10 years experience as a therapist providing short and long-term counselling. My approach is gentle, but gets to the core of things. This work could be very helpful for those who would benefit from a supportive and respectful place to cultivate integration of creative or spiritual emergence. I love being of help to people who are working to ground greater insight in the body and in day-to-day life and gain more fulfillment and clarity in their life’s purpose. My style is relational, attachment-based and body-oriented. We will work with the felt sense of things as much as the story, which allows us to work at subtle levels. Please note: I am open to working with people who have had past or recent psychedelic experiences; however, psychedelic substances are illegal in Canada. I do not encourage the use of any illicit substances or refer anyone in that direction.
I am a Somatic Counsellor and a Focusing-oriented Therapist. I work in my Private Practice, seeing clients by phone and Zoom. I’m passionate about Dreamwork, Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, Embodied Wisdom, Relationships, Women’s Sexuality & Creativity. I’ve seen a Body-based, Jungian therapist myself and a Transpersonal therapist, as well as my Focusing Mentor; these are some of the therapeutic approaches that have highly influenced my way of seeing and being. Therapy has been the container in which I have continued to grow, transform and integrate my own powerful experiences so I know the value of therapy personally and love seeing people grow in their understandings and human capacities. I wrote my thesis on my experience with Mindfulness Meditation using the Heuristic research approach.