Frederick MD
We partner with our clients to formulate a treatment plan that works best for the client. We may utilize medications, nutrition counseling, life-style modifications, teaching mindfulness skills, and ketamine assisted psychotherapy as appropriate. The client will always be listened to; we make every effort to understand all of the clients concerns and partner with the client to achieve their goals.
Betterment started seeing clients in October 2021. We are a group of passionate clinicians and therapist specializing in ketamine assisted psychotherapy, offering both individual and group sessions. We utilize ketamine in a safe and therapeutic environment for the rapid relief of symptoms caused by mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, OCD, and PTSD. Ketamine is currently the only legal psychedelic medication. Ketamine assisted therapy provides an opportunity for deeper self reflection, enhancing therapeutic processing. Our treatment plans include ongoing therapy and integration to promote long lasting results.
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