Dr. Brandon Yuenger, PT, DPT, CIDN

Integrative Physical Therapist
Grand Rapids MI
I see clients in person in my office in Grand Rapids, MI or virtually via video conference or phone call.
I started experimenting with psychedelics as a teenager and found value that was difficult to name but I always found insight into my life that helped me change for the positive. As I progressed as a physical therapist I started to become aware of our biologic energy and that manipulating that energy had a profound effect on a person's health and wellness. Eventually I was trained in the shamanic healing practices of the Q'ero and found that the complex patient presentations that I worked with so frequently stopped seeming so complicated. I discovered that if a person's health complaint is not responding to our traditional Western approaches that there is often repressed emotion or trauma behind the scenes that needs to be addressed or spiritual information that is trying to come through. Psychedelics can help make the unconscious conscious and I have passion for supporting folks that that want to use these medicines for healing. When I'm not working I can be found kayaking, hiking, snowboarding, biking or doing yoga. I also appreciate meditating, practicing lucid dreaming and spending time with my wife and our fur babies.
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