Dr. Brandon Yuenger, PT, DPT, CIDN

Integrative Physical Therapist
Grand Rapids MI
I see clients in person in my office in Grand Rapids, MI or virtually via video conference or phone call.
Dr. Yuenger graduated from the University of Michigan-Flint as a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2012. Since then he has been learning to navigate the complicated world of chronic pain. The foundation of his training is in manual therapies including: Myofascial Release Dry Needling Craniosacral Therapy Acupressure HVLA Thrust Muscle Energy Technique Strain Counter-strain Lymphatic Drainage Visceral Mobilization His approach to treatment is to help the client find relief from their complaint using the above strategies in combination with energy medicine. Then the client learns to do it for themselves using body awareness, mindfulness and exercise. Dr. Yuenger's clinical interests include: chronic pain, vertigo, anxiety and depression. He is passionate about teaching and conducting research on the physiologic effects of energy medicine. Personally, Dr. Yuenger enjoys spending time with his loved ones, backpacking, kayaking, snowboarding and traveling. His personal practices include yoga, meditation and lucid dreaming.
Integrative Physical Therapy Energy Medicine