Building a Psychedelic Medicine Clinic Workshop (Workshop 2)


Instructed by Faculty from the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute (PRATI)

Live Stream Workshop: February 6-7, 2021 * 9 am to 5:30 pm MST


Join PRATI for a workshop on Building a Psychedelic Medicine Clinic: Clinic Operations and Planning (Workshop 2)

Using psychedelics as a treatment option will require that providers of care be able to set-up and run a clinic designed specifically for psychedelic medicine. Once rescheduled, MDMA and psilocybin will require specifics in clinical format, setting, and professional training. In spite of a true passion for this work many practitioners do not feel they are ready or able to set up or manage such a clinic, which is why the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute (PRATI) has designed a course specifically to teach practitioners what they need to know in order to prepare mental health providers to work in psychedelic medicine. We have gathered a diverse and experienced faculty that will prepare you to successfully open a psychedelic medicine clinic.

This Module 2 workshop will offer practical examples from various US clinics actively engaged in the psychedelic framework through a variety of instructional formats. The program will provide insight into the future of psychedelic medicine with a focus on core topics that include: clinical setting, practice management, legal considerations, ethical concerns, and marketing plans.

Attendees will leave equipped with an understanding of core business and clinic fundamentals uniquely tailored to support this emergent healing paradigm and the future business of psychedelic medicine. PRATI is a psychedelically focused non-profit that has been supported by the Psychedelic Science Funders Collaborative to put on this webinar to speed the emergence of this new paradigm.

This two day stand-alone workshop augments and expands beyond the basic business fundamentals provided in our first workshop: Building a Psychedelic Medicine Clinic Workshop (Workshop 1)

Workshop Agenda (February 6-7, 2021 * 9 am to 5:30 pm MST * Live Online)

Day 1 – Saturday 2/6

9:00 Welcome and overview (Scott Shannon)
9:15 The Future of Psychedelic Medicine in the US (Graham Boyd)

This talk will provide an overview of recent legislative changes, including the Oregon initiative and look towards the emerging legal and regulatory practice environment. Graham Boyd has been central to much of the legislative advancement for cannabis and psilocybin across the US.

9:35 Workshop Activity
9:45 Entering the World of Psychedelic Medicine: MDMA, Cannabis and Ketamine Paradigm (Scott Shannon)

How does this work change the business and work environment in a clinic? What does work flow look like in a psychedelically oriented clinic and how does it shift operations and practical matters like scheduling? Scott Shannon has decades of work in this framework and is also a Phase III MDMA site Principal Investigator for MAPS as well as a ketamine-assisted practitioner/trainer.

10:30 Break (30 mins)
11:00 Bringing these Medicines Forth, Legally (Brad Bartlett)

Brad Barlett is an attorney with extensive experience in the cannabis and psychedelic space. He will consider how these medicines can stretch our concerns around liability. He will also address regulatory constraints and the challenges of practicing safely in an ever moving legal environment.

11:45 Creating a Sacred Clinic (Jamie Harvie)

The psychedelic model challenges us all to create a special environment that enhances the medicine experience while modeling sustainable practices. How do we celebrate our connection to the planet while running a cost-effective clinic. Jaime Harvie has been working in the sustainable movement for decades and serves on the PRATI Board of Directors.

12:30 Lunch
2:00 Workshop Activity
2:10 Clinical Models Overview
2:20 Successful Psychedelic Models (Genesee Herzberg and Julie Megler – Sage Institute, Veronika Gold and Eric Sienknecht – Polaris Insight Center, Scott Shannon and Mary Rondeau – Wholeness Center)

This program will highlight three different large clinical models in the US that employ the psychedelic framework successfully. It will highlight both their innovations and challenges as they plow new clinical ground.

4:10 Break
4:40 Psychedelic Solo Practice Case Study

In this segment, a solo practitioner will offer insight about the challenges and blessings of a simpler and smaller solo model of practice.

5:10 Workshop Activity
5:30 End

Day 2 – Sunday 2/7

9:00 Welcome
9:05 Workshop Activity
9:20 Consciousness, Capitalism and Psychedelics (Scott Shannon)

This short segment will consider the core elements of the psychedelic model and how they can best interface with capitalism without distortion or commodification.

9:30 Fostering a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Clinic (Yarelix Estrada and Kwasi Adusei)

2020 has only highlighted issues that are historic, systemic, and continued. The US psychedelic community has been very much a white and affluent subculture. How do we address issues so evident here as we endeavor to establish a new model for mental health. Yarelix Estrada and Kwasi Adusei will lead this exploration.

10:45 Break
11:15 Ethical issues in Psychedelic Clinics (Breakout: Facilitator – Jessica Breemen)

A new paradigm creates new dilemmas for practitioners and owners. Do you use video or two therapists? How do we protect the extreme vulnerability inherent in psychedelic medicine work? These and other quandaries will be explored. Jessica Breemen from PRATI and DanceSafe will facilitate.

12:15 Leadership by Vision & Values (Scott Shannon and Jamie Harvie)

How do you effectively lead others in a shared psychedelic venture? How does one translate core values or a clear vision into an effort that others will join and follow? This segment will provide some practical lived experience about stepping into leadership in an emerging paradigm.

12:45 Lunch
2:00 Workshop Activity
2:10 Psychedelic Medicine Culture (Scott Shannon)

The passion that we have witnessed in psychedelic medicine is driven by the inner experience that carries insight and healing.These inner experiences also drive a desire to share this message with others. How do these experiences change people and what are the characteristics of this audience.

2:25 Access to Heart: Psychedelic Marketing & Stories From the Field (Andy Belanger and Five Clinic Examples)

Our roving reporter, Andy Belanger with decades of business start-up consulting, will interview five clinics from around the US to highlight how they market their services and what has been learned.

3:40 Break
4:10 Financing & Funding Models in Psychedelic Medicine (Greg Kearns)

You need money to create a psychedelic clinic. What are your options for funding or financing a start-up? How do you present your funding needs in the manner most likely to find a yes. Greg Kearns who leads Forth Road, a psychedelically informed consulting company will share his perspective.

5:10 Workshop Activity

What does your dream clinic look like? How will you explain this to others? In this breakout, participants will have a chance to outline the essence of their vision with support and guidance. 

5:30 End and Closure


Ticket Levels

Virtual Live Stream Event: Virtual live stream online event with reference guidebook and access to the presentation videos after the workshop.

      • Standard Ticket: $245
      • Discounted Ticket (Student): $65
      • Discounted Ticket (BIPOC / Working in underserved area/First 3 years of practice): $105

** Discounted tickets are available in two categories: 1) for current students, and 2) for recent graduates (0-3 years out of school), and therapists that are working with underserved communities (the majority of work is delivered to BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ or low income clients). PRATI recognizes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to our wholeness and, therefore, to our wellness.


What you will learn

This workshop is tailored for healthcare professionals interested in the design, operations and management of a psychedelic medicine clinic within both the current and anticipated future regulatory framework. It is designed to be practical and cover fundamental skills and concepts essential for a successful psychedelic business. At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the evolving regulatory framework of psychedelic medicine.
  2. Discuss the cannabis, ketamine and MDMA paradigm.
  3. Explain and apply core green clinic design and operational concepts and their relationship to psychedelic medicine.
  4. Discuss real world ethical challenges in the context of psychedelic medicine.
  5. Appraise marketing best practices, challenges and lessons learned from psychedelic clinics.
  6. Discuss real world psychedelic medicine clinic operational best practices and challenges.
  7. Describe and apply core concepts to support a diverse, equitable and inclusive clinic.
  8. Discuss psychedelic finance and funding models.


PRATI Faculty



Course Director: Scott Shannon, MD has been a student of consciousness since his honor’s thesis on this topic in the 1970s. Following medical school, MDMA assisted psychotherapy became a facet of his practice before this medicine was scheduled in 1985. Scott has been a transformative agent in mental health and a visionary leader in integrative medicine for over two decades. He is a cannabidiol and MDMA researcher as well as a sought-after trainer and speaker. Currently, Scott works extensively with a broad range of ketamine services including ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in his large innovative clinic. He lectures all over the world to professionals interested in a deeper look at mental health issues, ketamine, psychedelics and a paradigm shifting perspective about transformative care.







Mary Rondeau ND, RH(AHG) is a naturopathic doctor and registered herbalist who has a deep interest in plants and their ability to alter the human body and mind. She previously conducted research at Colorado State University on Mycobacterium tuberculosis prior to her completion of naturopathic medical school. She brings together a balance of being a practitioner and drive to teach other providers how to be successful business owners.  She is driven to change the mental health field to be more holistically focused and this includes the use of traditional plant medicines to aid in healing transformations. Currently she has a private clinical practice and teaches nationally about integrative psychiatry, naturopathic medicine, nutrition, and botanical medicine.







Jamie Harvie is the founder of the One Sacred Earth Project and serves as President of the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute (PRATI) and the Duluth Whole Foods Co-op. Jamie is nationally recognized for his extensive experience at the nexus of health, community, environment and health care. Jamie led the successful coordination and passage of mercury product legislation. He is the recipient of the NRDC National Thought Leader award for his work on sustainable food systems and health care. His work is published widely for journals including the Stanford Social Innovation Review, and is a contributor to a textbooks including Integrative Medicine. Jamie offers organizational development, strategic planning and collaborative leadership training and serves as a racial healing circle facilitator.







Jessica Breemen, MSW was awarded her Master of Social Work in May of 2020, has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice & Criminology, and is a certified Scrum Master.  Her research has focused on organizational development, criminal justice and drug policy reform, full spectrum harm reduction, as well as MDMA and ketamine-assisted psychotherapies. Jessica is a Senior Project Leader for a social justice non-profit dedicated to incubating and supporting social ventures to build progressive political power and civic engagement with low income and BIPOC communities. Jessica serves on the board of directors of DanceSafe and completed her MSW advanced specialty field placement during her 2019-2020 school year at Wholeness Center in Fort Collins, CO.







Andy Belanger is a strategic business coach with Heros Business Solutions Inc. He has been coaching Health professionals nationally/internationally for 32 years and counting.  His passion is providing a strong Business of health foundation so that health professionals succeed and help more people.









Psychedelic Research and Training Institute (PRATI)

Our goal is lofty and passionate: We believe in the transformational power of psychedelic medicines for healing people, profession, and planet. As part of our mission, we plan to explore clinically relevant research on cannabis, cannabidiol, ketamine, MDMA, psilocybin, and mescaline. We also embrace a clear and distinct goal to transform the mental health profession. Our research is linked to professional workshops to support practical skill development and the implementation of psychedelic medicine. PRATI is a psychedelically focused non-profit that has been supported by the Psychedelic Science Funders Collaborative to put on this webinar to speed the emergence of this new paradigm.