Celeste Labadie, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Boulder CO
I help my clients to realize and maintain mental wellness through experiential and mindfulness-based methods that clear problematic emotional content and thereby freeing up energy and focus. The human brain is highly adaptable and can be updated using a process that feels light, soulful, logical and inspirational. Together, we can pinpoint thoughts and feelings that trigger behaviors you’d like to not practice any longer. We can skillfully correct any subconscious (and automatic) material that has been causing you discomfort (anxiety, shame, trauma, depression, sadness, grief etc). I believe psychotherapy should be effective and fun, engaging and painless. Sessions utilize brain-based methods that allow you to deeply connect to your light and essence within. I offer a 20-minute consultation and an easy online scheduler via my website. Let’s adjust for you what would bring you the most benefit.
Celeste Labadie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in clearing harsh emotional content (like anxiety or trauma) in a direct and skillful process that feels validating, nourishing and effective. Celeste believes deep and lasting change can occur without reliving or re-experiencing painful memories or thoughts. Using a Memory Reconsolidation method that utilizes the quickness of a brain’s ability to update (called neuroplasticity), Celeste’s clients gain confidence, a new outlook and a deeper sense of connection with themselves. Celeste has been assisting pre and post integration sessions for over 5 years. Her non-judgmental and playful style mixed with deep, mindful journeywork creates a rich transformational field for her clientele.