Christina Ingenito, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Petaluma CA
Life is about relationships. I specialize in relational issues, which includes relationship to self, loved ones, the community, and world. I see psychotherapy as a process which can deepen one’s self awareness to help improve those relationships, thus offering greater capacity for ease, joy and freedom; and I see the therapeutic relationship as a place to practice those newly-acquired skills. I see my role as a compassionate listener and a skillful, respectful guide as we collaboratively work towards your wholeness and healing. I bring compassion, care, authentic presence, and curiosity into the therapeutic relationship; and I am committed to creating a safe, welcoming place where you can learn, grow, stretch and heal. I work from a transpersonal, client-centered approach. I am here to meet you where you are, to affirm and assist you to access the solid core of your own inner authority, and to take into consideration the personal, psychological, professional, familial, cultural, spiritual, and socio-economic dimensions of your life. I value many other psychotherapeutic modalities; including psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral and somatic therapies to meet each person’s unique situation and needs. I also employ and encourage the use of alternative modalities, including journaling, creative expression, breath work and nature-based healing traditions. I recognize that the wounds and trauma of childhood and adulthood can create habits and patterns that make present-day coping very challenging. I believe that when we courageously face our fears, we can grow and change in fundamental and sustainable ways. Ultimately, I believe in and am inspired by the extraordinary resilience of the human spirit that lives in all of us, even in the face of seemingly unbearable adversity when we feel we have lost it. In working with psychedelic integration, I invite you to explore and inquire about your experiences with curiosity, openness, and wonder. I recognize these medicines as allies of superior intelligence working for the betterment of all people. If you are asking yourself: “Is this all there is?” or “How can I find more peace?” I am here to tell you: You can find your true north again.
I am a transpersonal and somatic psychotherapist with a private practice in Petaluma, California. I have been a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) since 1986; and I have worked in a variety of clinical settings, including: community mental health, women’s health, the jail system, residential treatment, hospice, and private practice. Working with the dying and their loved ones through hospice care has been a significant focus of my career, where I have worked for more than 30 years. I am also a facilitator and trainer of Restorative Justice practices, and I facilitate a weekly Restorative Justice group for men serving life in prison at San Quentin. Throughout my life and career, I have held a fierce and passionate commitment to working with the underserved, marginalized and disenfranchised in my community. I am certified in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and am a graduate of the Certificate in Psychedelic Therapy and Research program at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco, California. In 2018, along with three colleagues, I founded and opened the first psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy clinic in Petaluma at Temenos Center for Integrative Psychotherapy where we offer ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and are preparing to become one of the first sites in the United States to offer MDMA-assisted psychotherapy through the FDA Expanded Access Program later this year. I have explored non-ordinary states of consciousness through medicine work, breath work, sexuality, nature-based healing traditions, and vision quests for over 40 years. After a devastating breast cancer diagnosis and relationship break-up in 2015, I experienced my own personal descent into despair. My participation as a subject in an FDA Phase 2 Clinical Trial of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy saved my life, renewed my vitality and life force, and has crystalized my commitment to bring the healing and transformative powers of these psychedelic medicines to the world. I work at the intersection of mystery, social justice, and empowerment; and I am also a memoir writer, public speaker, solo performance artist, choral singer, amateur photographer, and itinerant world traveler.