New York City NY
We offer comprehensive and adaptive coaching-supported psychedelic programs for behavior change and mental health. For $160-189 depending on your package, you receive the following services: - Medical evaluation over telemedical platform - Prescription of ketamine for your specific needs - Ketamine shipped to your home (no added cost for medication) - 1-2 hour virtually guided ketamine session - Follow up coaching integration session - Group & community support
Curio offers clinically prescribed & coaching-supported psychedelic experiences for mental health and behavior change over a convenient virtual platform. Its co-founders include a Stanford MD and KAP-trained practitioner. Curio’s psychedelic-assisted coaching and therapy (PACT) is unique in its personalized and comprehensive nature, all at a very affordable cost to its members. We are currently available to those residing in the US states: NY, CA, TX, and MI.
We specialize in custom clinical and coaching programs for specific needs, including: - Depression, anxiety - PTSD, cPTSD - Long COVID - Substance use disorder/addiction - End-of-life existential distress - Palliative care ...and more