Diane Botta, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
New York City NY
A thinker as well as a feeler, I enjoy challenging my clients to think about situations differently. I am deliberate about asking questions in sessions that will open up deeper layers of conversation and provide opportunities to challenge your perspective, an intervention also known as socratic questioning. In our work together we will explore your values, family dynamics and intergenerational themes, inherited beliefs and models for emotional expression and coping, and will work to challenge existing negative core beliefs that you may hold. As a clinical social worker, I believe that one’s broader social context is always important to consider in this work and like to utilize a bio-psycho-social-spiritual framework.
As a New York City native and the product of a Puerto Rican and Italian Argentine household, I possess a unique level of cultural understanding. My childhood neighbors spoke Mandarin, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Hebrew, Yiddish, and Korean. I loved being surrounded by the sounds of so many different languages. While I grew up in Brooklyn, most of my childhood summers were spent in rural northwestern Puerto Rico, where I was immersed in a way of life that was rich in wisdom and tradition and intimately connected to the rhythms and cycles of nature. I started working at age 15 and have worn many hats over the years, with time spent in the hospitality, fitness, healthcare, tech/digital media, sales/marketing, arts/entertainment, education and nonprofit sectors. My post-graduate training was completed in an outpatient medical setting, with extensive experience with both adults and children. My orientation is primarily integrative but I believe that the most powerful component of a therapist and client relationship is goodness of fit. Outside of my work as a therapist I am a songwriter and have a passion for lyricism. Additionally, I am a practitioner of yoga and ballet and try to follow the principles of traditional Chinese medicine in my daily life.