Emana Psicologia

Treviso TV
By employing various methods that are widely used in psychological counseling and cooperative treatment measures, I help my patients to observe themselves and find themselves on their unique life path, developing healthy habits and views that allow them to overcome the obstacles in life . My sessions are designed to deconstruct personal problems and provide patients with effective tools that can help them see life from a more positive perspective and improve their style.
Graduated with top marks from the University of Enna KORE. I have carried out internships and work and voluntary experiences between the city of Enna, Messina, Rome and Treviso, collaborating in the clinical, private and public fields, accompanying adolescent and adult children in their path of psychological and relational growth. I am enrolled in the second two-year period of the CIPA-Southern Institute specialization school in Jungian analytically oriented psychotherapy. Currently I am freelance in Treviso (and Prov.) And Rome. Also dedicating a space to online counseling and free psychological services (see section Psychological Listening Desk) I pay particular attention to Jungian analytical clinical psychology following its holistic perspective, aiming at the resolution of the person as a whole. I do consultations individually, but I also offer my professionalism in collaboration with holistic practitioners. I appeal to adults, young adults and teenagers. The psychological interviews offered are centered on the person and on the analysis of the demand, of a supportive, expressive and orientation type. Alongside the treatment of symptoms, I envisage a broader intervention focused on developing personal resources. During the interview I find the use of drawing, the story of dreams and free associations very useful. I work through active listening, guidance, counseling and home and remote assessments, believing that through the modern and alternative online counseling it is possible to have an initial feedback on the question, for evaluation purposes, to eventually undertake a continuous shared listening path, shortly or in the long term, to offer a personal listening space with meaning and circularity. It will also be possible to agree on a space aimed at containing and elaborating questions to solve a specific problem that can hinder one's individual well-being and relationships.
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