Emotion, Spirituality, & Psychedelic Medicine – A Virtual 1-Day Workshop


A Virtual 1-Day Workshop

with Dr. Adele Lafrance & Dr. Joe Tafur

February 6, 2021 at 9 am – 4 pm CT


Join Us for a Day of Exploration

Drawing from their work in health care and psychedelic medicine, as well as their own personal experiences, Dr. Joe Tafur and Dr. Adele Lafrance will discuss the roles of emotion and spirituality in health and wellness. They will also introduce the ways through which emotional trauma can contribute to medical illness, and how spiritual healing techniques, like psychedelic medicines, can lead to improvements in the mind and body.

During this workshop, participants can participate in optional break-out groups to:

  • Increase awareness of their patterns of emotion expression (and associated needs), including intergenerational family styles
  • Explore the concept of spirituality in their own life, and in ways aligned with their individual belief system
  • Reflect on attitudes related to plant-based versus synthetic psychedelic medicines. Participation can be active or passive and several opportunities for Q & A will be available. Adele and Joe will also share their greatest lessons learned along their own personal healing journeys.

*There will be free/subsidized spots available for those with financial insecurity and part of our proceeds will go to Joe’s non-profit Modern Spirit whose aim it is to study the role of emotional and spiritual healing techniques in modern medicine. Please email us to inquire further*

*CE/CME is NOT available for this workshop.



Joe Tafur, MD is an integrative family physician, educator and ayahuasquero/curandero trained in the Peruvian Shipibo lineage. He is the author of The Fellowship of the River: A Medical Doctor’s Exploration into Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine, in which he shares his fascinating journey into spiritual healing work. He is a founding member and medicine carrier of the Church of the Eagle and Condor, a multicultural spiritual community based in Arizona. Dr. Tafur also co-founded the traditional healing center Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual in Iquitos, Peru, where he was trained over seven years in Shipibo curanderismo (traditional spiritual healing involving ayahuasca ceremony and Amazonian master plants, sometimes referred to as shamanism). He continues his medical work through the Ocotillo Center for Integrative Medicine in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Tafur also founded the non-profit organization Modern Spirit, dedicated to demonstrating the value of spiritual healing in modern healthcare. Modern Spirit is currently funding the Modern Spirit Epigenetics Project, in collaboration with USC and MAPS, which is investigating the epigenetic impact of transformative healing experiences observed in the MAPS MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD trial.




Adele Lafrance, PhD, C. Psych is a clinical psychologist, research scientist, and author. A frequent speaker at professional conferences, she has published extensively in the field of emotion and health, including a clinical manual on the treatment model she co-developed – Emotion-Focused Family Therapy – published by the American Psychological Association. Dr. Lafrance is also a leader in the research of psychedelic medicine, with a focus on ayahuasca, MDMA, psilocybin and ketamine. Currently, Dr. Lafrance is the clinical investigator and strategy lead for the MAPS-sponsored MDMA-assisted psychotherapy study for eating disorders, and a collaborator on the Imperial College study for psilocybin and anorexia nervosa. She is co-developer of Emotion-Focused Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy and co-principal investigator on studies examining its safety, feasibility and preliminary outcomes for major depressive disorder and anorexia nervosa. Dr. Lafrance has a particular interest in mechanisms and models of healing, including spirituality, emotion processing, and the application of family-based models of psychedelic medicine.