Erin Fisk, MD

Family Medicine Physician
Seattle WA
I offer consultations to patients who have chronic illness, have complex medical conditions, or take multiple prescription medications to be sure they are embarking on their psychedelic journey safely. I have a telehealth practice and I have also been involved in joint appointments with therapists if the patient and/or therapist feel it would be beneficial for all parties to be present at the time of my consultation. Face-to-face consultations with therapists are only available in the Seattle/Tacoma area. I help with medication tapering if needed, medication interaction guidance, and medical history reviews. Patients can make telehealth appointments with me directly, or I can work in tandem with their therapist. I can work directly with patients in Washington State and Hawaii, or in tandem with a therapist (as a provider-to-provider consult relationship) across the US. I am happy to recommend a trusted therapist in Seattle if needed.
I am a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician based in Seattle, WA. I have recently began to focus my career on Psychedelic Medicine, in particular closing the gap between Psychedelic Integration Therapy and Primary Care. I attended St. Louis University School of Medicine, then completed my residency in Family Medicine at University of Wisconsin. I am based in Seattle, but I have traveled for work to Hawaii and New Zealand. I have been studying Psychedelic Medicine since 2019 and recently decided to focus my entire clinical practice on this field. In my free time I enjoy photography, campervan trips, and hiking. Please note, due to licensure constraints, I am only able to evaluate patients located in Washington State or Hawaii.