Hailey ID
Our team is well versed in supporting clients who are integrating various kinds of psychedelic experiences. Anyone who is healing with altered states of consciousness, even outside of our clinic, can find support with our team.
Evolo is a psychedelic integration center with locations in Idaho’s Wood River Valley and Salt Lake City, UT. We believe in the deep, lasting healing of guided expanded state experiences. Expanded states can be accessed in various ways, including psychedelics, meditation, sound healing, breath work, and other techniques. These techniques can bring a vast array of insights, very quickly, which is the reason we focus on the integration of psychotherapy during and following expanded states of consciousness.
To aid in making meaning of expanded states of consciousness experiences, reducing the potential for harm, and supporting lasting change, we offer advanced individual and group trauma informed integration therapy. We are currently offering Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. At this time, we do not offer any other medicines. However, we are eagerly awaiting the upcoming federal rescheduling of MDMA and our team is actively preparing to include this molecule into our model as soon as the legalization process allows.