Field Trip Health

Chicago IL
The primary focus of the clinic is providing ketamine-assisted therapy. In this treatment plan, clients are first seen by a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner to determine medical and psychiatric fit; the next step is medical clearance from our medical team, which will require at least documentation from a physical exam within the past year. Clients then have a psychotherapy intake with a staff therapist who recommends an individualized treatment plan. Depending on symptoms and trauma history, the therapist may sit with the client during each ketamine session or may monitor clients from outside the room, providing a more autonomous ketamine experience. All clients are continuously monitored by our medical team throughout their ketamine journey. Each client is provided integration immediately after their ketamine journey and in the days between ketamine sessions. Clients who go through our program experience sustainable relief from symptoms and develop a new perspective on life.
Field Trip Health, Chicago provides ketamine-assisted therapy to adult clients with treatment resistant depression, severe anxiety, PTSD, and other intractable mental health concerns. The clinic is designed to create a warm and comfortable environment for psychedelic therapy and growth. From psychiatric intake to therapeutic integration sessions -clients feel supported throughout their journey!
Individual ketamine-assisted therapy, group ketamine-assisted therapy, group integration, individual counseling