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Gregory Wells, PhD

San Francisco CA
I believe psychotherapy offers a unique and important opportunity for growth and change. My approach is primarily relational and my goal is to work collaboratively with my clients to support them in identifying their core values in life and then identifying goals to help them create a life that is rich and meaningful. I take an insight-oriented view with the belief that you, the client, are the expert in your life and that my role is to provide guidance and input on your journey.
One of the many hats I wear is as a Licensed Psychologist in private practice in San Francisco. I work with a variety of clients and really enjoy addressing existential challenges and psycho-spiritual growth issues, often through integration of psychedelic experiences and non-ordinary states of consciousness. I offer ketamine-assisted psychotherapy as one potential mode of treatment for such issues. I am also co-Principal Investigator and co-therapist in the MAPS sponsored Phase 3 study of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for treatment of PTSD. Prior to moving to San Francisco in 2010, I lived in New Orleans where I completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Infant Mental Health and treatment of trauma at LSU Health Sciences Center in the years following Hurricane Katrina. My interest in psychedelics medicines is longstanding and continues to grow and evolve in this particularly exciting time.