Hillary Lin, MD

New York City NY
I work with a collaborative care team that can adapt to your personal needs and progress. Curio provides the following: - Medical evaluation over telemedical platform - Prescription of ketamine for your specific needs - Ketamine shipped to your home (no added cost for medication) - 1-2 hour virtually guided ketamine session - Follow up coaching integration session - Group & community support
I am a Stanford-trained MD and Co-founder/CEO of Curio, where we offer psychedelic-assisted coaching for mental health and behavior change. I am passionate about helping people obtain effective, accessible care. Through my experience both as a doctor (primary care provider, mental health provider) and as a patient, I understand deeply how important the emotional healing and growth aspect of health is both integral yet so ignored by traditional healthcare systems. My personal mission is to create a future where people can access effective, holistic health and wellness care.
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