Institute For Integrative Therapies

Kyle Keller, LICSW

Location: 1370 Mendota Heights Road Suite 123, Mendota Heights, MN 55120


Phone: 651-280-8774


The Institute for Integrative Therapies is dedicated to the advancement of psychedelics in the field of mental health. Our mission is to promote the development, knowledge and use of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies for the cultivation of meaning, wholeness and psychological healing. We provide Psychedelic Therapy at our clinic in Minnesota, and believe that healed individuals can change society.

Across time, geography, and culture, people have accessed non-ordinary states of consciousness to heal the mind, inspire new habits and excite transformative experiences. Our modern disconnect from these states plays no small part in our mounting mental health crisis. To address this, IIT takes a meaning-centered approach to healing, using evidence-based psychedelic medicines and compassion-focused talk therapy to help people explore their minds, cultivate self-compassion and reconnect to deep sources of purpose.

We believe that concepts and practices from art and design traditions can be used to help enhance the therapy process and spark the imagination to move towards wholeness and integration. Our focus on art and design informs the way we structure the environment, and curate the experience for each individual. Our goal is to constantly improve the way we design and curate our setting to help provide an increasingly solid foundation for the medicine experience to unfold.

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