James Woods, MA, MD

Moss Landing CA
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy requires an inclusive style of practice. I include partners, family members, mental health providers and physicians in a model of comprehensive integration of care to maximize benefits of the therapy I provide. Each client has individual needs and histories as well as physiological differences. My job is not to tell clients how to live. My job is to be an active, informed and compassionate advocate to help clients with their individual healing path. In addition to Ketamine therapies, mindfulness training, lifestyle adjustments, and understanding the way the brain affects our behaviors are the foundations of my practice style. Humor, honesty, and a wide ranging background in medicine, anthropology, and evolutionary psychology are the basis of my approach. I practice in a small house in rural north Monterey County that meets CDC criteria for a low risk setting. Adequate ventilation, air filtration, masks and social distancing are all employed for your safety. I have received my first Vaccination, and routinely have tested negative for Covid. No one associated with my practice has contracted covid in the past 10 months that I have been at my current location.
I have practiced general medicine with an emphasis on behavioral medicine for 30 years. Most of my work has been done with disadvantaged populations in Community Clinic settings. Convinced that there were more effective and humane options to conventional psychopharmacology, I started studying psychedelic assisted psychotherapy in 2010, and trained in Ketamine Assisted psychotherapy in 2018. KAP has been the sole focus of my practice ever since. I am an active member of local as well as national Ketamine Psychotherapy societies. As a lifelong Buddhist practitioner I continually measure what I have learned about the mind from my Lamas with cutting edge behavioral neurology and find that the disciplines are entirely complimentary. Regardless of your path I feel that honoring some spiritual path is an integral part of healing. I am active in collaborations with local therapists, and provide training opportunities and consultations for various providers. I look forward to the inclusion of other medicines to the emerging discipline of Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy.