Jessica Katzman, PsyD

San Francisco CA
I am working with a physician (who also has a certificate in psychedelic-assisted therapy) to provide Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. Together we are able to offer the assurance of safety and medical monitoring, along with transformative methods of depth-oriented psychotherapy, all within a comfortable private office setting that builds upon the power of ritual and intention. We offer comprehensive assessments and screening, preparation and intention-setting sessions, sublingual lozenge or intramuscular ketamine, and follow-up integration sessions. We will also be developing a group ketamine administration option in the near future. In my private solo practice with adult individuals, I am able to support and explore a variety of concerns, including integrating psychedelic experiences, supporting LGBTQQIAAP communities and gender-creative folks, addressing alcohol and substance use from a harm reduction perspective, spiritual emergencies and bypasses, body image issues, mood/anxiety disorders, social justice conversations, and navigating non-traditional relationships. I welcome in particular those who may not feel as comfortable in all treatment spaces: Burners, psychonauts, iconoclasts, artists and creatives, activists, performers, subculture kids, nerds, and all self-identified weirdos. Theoretically, I prefer to work from an integrative perspective, as no one single theory can account for the infinite variety of human presentation, and am influenced many frameworks (psychodynamic, depth/Jungian, harm reduction, motivational interviewing, mindfulness/CBT, narrative/existential, transpersonal, Hakomi, Internal Family Systems, social justice).
Dr. Jessica Katzman is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with 19 years of experience as a therapist, and was trained at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in transpersonal perspectives on healing. She is also certified as a Spiritual Emergence Coach, and approaches altered states of consciousness from a nonjudgmental and exploratory stance. In the decade preceding her full-time private practice, she both treated clients and supervised staff/interns at an agency providing harm reduction services. This cultivated her skills and interest in helping people reduce the risks and maximize the benefits of substance use from a compassionate, collaborative perspective. In 2017, she assisted a local ketamine infusion clinic in developing their psychotherapy program, and has now partnered with a medical doctor to provide integrated Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in a private practice setting.