Jessica Murray, DipCouns, MBACP

Bristol ENG
I adapt my practice based around your needs and goals in our work. I work experientially, with a focus on your feeling and processes. Our work can allow you to develop your embodied awareness of yourself and your emotions rather than on a solely cognitive understanding of your situation. Often clients have experiences of trauma, or of feeling overwhelmed. I therefore pay close attention to anxiety as it changes in the moment as we work together. This allows us to monitor and regulate anxiety in real time, preventing further overwhelm, as well as gradually widening the pool of feeling we can tolerate and learn from. As well as offering standard 50 minute sessions, I enjoy working in longer blocks and find this way clients can benefit more quickly with fewer therapy hours in total.
I have been practicing as a psychotherapist since 2016, with training in integrative, person-centered and psychodymanic approaches. Since 2018 I have been focused on a particularly effective form of psychotherapy called attachment based ISTDP (Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy). I have nearly two decades of experience working in supportive roles with adults and children including drug and alcohol services; domestic abuse support; learning disabilities and nature connection. I am fascinated by findings about the potential of psychedelics to facilitate therapeutic healing and development. Throughout my training I was fortunate to also attend several conferences and workshops from researchers and practitioners in Psychedelic Studies. This learning and awareness has lead to my working in psychedelic support, particularly integration, where I love helping clients make sense of and benefit from even difficult psychedelic experiences. I am also passionate about nature and humanity’s relationship with the natural world; child development and play (for all ages). I am an LGBTQ+ affirmative practitioner.