Jonathan Fenton, MA

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern
Portland OR
With individual clients I provide a nonjudgmental and safe atmosphere for you to find healing, growth and empowerment. Therapy is about a healing relationship, and in this relationship I tend to serve as an explorer and guide. I use a blend of mindfulness-based therapies to help you feel well, and move towards your goals. You are the captain of this ship. With regards to work with couples, and poly-relationships I work with members of the relationships on a variety of relationship issues. Each relationship is unique, and presents its own sets of challenges. I help facilitate dialogue, identify challenges, and encourage meaning based choices for all partners to explore and communicate their experiences, joys, frustrations, agitations, hopes, and fears to promote vibrant and loving relationships, growth and healing. I use evidence-based practices to improve your overall mindbody wellness and relationships. This includes providing talk therapy, nutritional counseling, guided meditations, education, and mindfulness-based exercises. I work with individual adults, couples, and non-conforming relationships as well. I am LGBTQIA friendly, and welcome persons of all ethnicities, religions, spiritual practices, relationship types and political persuasions.
I have been practicing client-centered healing with mindfulness techniques in the community for 4 years. I started out working on the streets of Chicago for the DBT program Thresholds, providing at-home therapy to people exposed to trauma living with persistent mental health issues. I then went on to become the first male practitioner to work at the Postpartum Wellness Clinic SPHD outside of Chicago providing treatment of mood disorders to parents of young children. I moved to Portland in 2016 and worked at the outpatient clinic at Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare before creating Mindful Healing Portland. I am a published author on the connection between micro-nutrients and mood, and have a background in researching alternative therapies and evolutionary psychology. I am a National Board Certified Counselor a LPC- Intern in Oregon. I have worked with people from all walks of life. I actively reject the disease model of mental health. My experience in working with people, along with my research, suggests that the cluster of symptoms we have labeled “mental illness” are really part of our evolutionary diversity and stress reactions. Sometimes these reactions happen in response to changes in our environment, loss, changes in biology, or when our learned coping skills become maladaptive. One in five adults will experience a mental health disorder each year. A goal of my practice is to destigmatize mental health issues and normalize our cognitive and emotional diversity.