Jordan Smith, LCSW

Mental Health Therapist
Louisville KY
I'm open to a variety of methods for communicating but primarily offer online services ie a HIPAA compliant video session. If you're local we can discuss the possibility of meeting at a park if weather is appropriate after at least 3 online sessions. No substances are EVER provided.
Have been a therapist for about 10 years and involved in social services for over 15. Started dabbling with psychedelics as an adolescent and realized the therapeutic potential in my late 20's. Fast forward 5 years later, and this year (2022) I took the plunge and started a formal psychedelic therapy training program which has enabled me to discuss and process psychedelic experiences from more than a personal experience lens. Although I enjoy a variety of integration work, I am very passionate about peak experiences which may include spiritual epiphanies, seeing and experiencing the exchange of energy, and anything and everything not explainable by current Western Medicine and practices. For most of my career I have focused on helping those that have experienced childhood traumas mainly due to one or both parents being mentally ill (emotionally immature is a nice way to classify these folks) and abusive. The beautiful thing about psychedelics is it cuts through years of bull sheet and reminds us of our roots. If you're wanting to plunge into the depths of your inner being, then... take a deep breath... buckle up... and let's prepare for this road ahead. I can personally relate to psychedelic experiences with: psilocybin, ayahuasca, MDMA and have had numerous hours of training specific to ketamine (in mid-January 2023 I can add this to my list of personal experiences).
Currently I offer individual sessions for psychedelic integration and preparation. Preparation can be done with 2-3 individuals in a family/relationship but integration is always individual unless in a group session (no members will know each other- coming in December 2022). 1 hour is $150 and 2 hours are $250. Insurance will not cover preparation.