Kelsey Laird, PhD

Clinical Psychologist
San Francisco CA
In my integration work as well as my general clinical practice, I balance my use of evidence-based methods with empathy and compassion. I aim to cultivate an atmosphere of caring curiosity with the goal of clarifying values, increasing self-awareness, enhancing self-compassion, and establishing more effective strategies for coping with life’s challenges.
As a licensed Clinical Psychologist, I offer individual psychotherapy to adults struggling with anxiety and chronic stress (including stress from relationships and/ or chronic health conditions) as well as those looking for greater meaning and purpose in life. I work collaboratively with clients using evidence-based techniques including motivational interviewing, cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness-based therapies, and acceptance and commitment therapy to empower individuals to achieve long-lasting change. Please note that my clinical practice is currently entirely remote (via videoconferencing or phone) and that I do not do "guide" work (i.e., I do not work with clients while they are under the acute influence of psychedelic medicine). I do offer psychoeducation on psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies as well as pre- and post- medicine journey "integration" sessions. Additional information can be found at my website: Cost per session: $275 Insurance Accepted? No