Kim Lennon, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Redlands CA
My preference is to work with clients in my very comfortable office in Redlands, CA although I also offer tele-sessions for people to experience journeys from the comfort of their own homes. I am currently offering ketamine-assisted therapy in which the sessions last approximately 3 hours. The first hour is for setting intentions, the 2nd hour is for the journey, and the last hour is to discuss the journey and how to integrate it into your life and make meaning of it.
I specialize in trauma therapy (I’m certified in EMDR therapy) and love to be able to provide psychedelic-assisted therapy to facilitate the process in healing anxiety, depression, OCD, as well as stored trauma in the body which may have difficulty being accessed by traditional talk therapy. I am on my own psychedelic-assisted therapeutic journey for greater healing and love to be able to share this enhanced type of therapy with my clients!