Kimber Gada-Steinauer, MA, LCMHCA, NCC

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate
Asheville NC
It is my belief that each person has the innate capacity to experience healing, if given the space and tools to do so. It is my passion to provide such a space and give my clients the acceptance and empowerment necessary to access inner healing and growth. When we embark on our healing journeys, it is important to think about each part of your mind, body, and spirit and attend to each of them as needed. I often weave in expressive or artistic practices into my counseling in order to assist clients in reconnecting with their inner creative self, giving you the freedom to explore what your most golden path in life gets to look like.
**NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS, PLEASE CONTACT TO BE PUT ON MY WAITLIST** As a trauma-informed counselor, my experience in this field has been defined by creating a container in which deep exploration and processing feels accessible and as safe as possible. My work with clients has inspired interest in alternative forms of healing such as arts-based healing, psychedelic supported healing, and somatic healing. Through my work providing counseling to individuals who have experienced trauma and/or marginalization, I have come to believe that some of the strongest medicine is in finding space where you can be vulnerable and authentic and still experience a sense of belonging and safety and that is my main goal for our relationship.