Lara Bertolino, DPsych, BSc

Clinical Psychologist
Perth WA
Lara is a friendly, compassionate and direct therapist, with a genuine interest in helping her clients to chose their own path, learn new skills, and let go of beliefs and behaviour patterns that no longer serve them. She loves seeing her clients gain more psychological flexibility, and watching them begin to live a life driven by their values, rather than old habits. She’s also intimately familiar with how difficult that journey can be- she is figuring it out for herself too! She enjoys working with nature as co-therapist. Lara provides her sessions outdoors as "Walk and Talk" Therapy sessions, starting with an initial Telehealth Assessment Session. Feel free to email, and arrange a free 10 minute phone chat to see if Lara and her approach feel like the right fit for you.
Lara is a Clinical Psychologist and Board-Approved Supervisor, who has worked as a clinical psychologist for the last decade. This included the private sector, as well as Pain Management at Royal Perth Hospital and Trauma Rehab at Fiona Stanley Hospital. In 2021 Lara founded her private practice, Liminal Place, pursuing her longstanding pipe-dream: doing therapy outside, in nature. Lara has always looked to the land to meet her needs for play, relaxation, and self-knowledge. So after years of sitting in a consulting room, taking her therapy services outside not only feels like a more naturally healing space for all, but it also helps Lara be her best self for her clients! She has loved seeing how clients have taken to the invitation to do therapy differently too! As well as being an active part of the Australian outdoor health / adventure therapy community, Lara is also involved in the Psychedelic Assisted Therapy (PAT) space. She is a founding committee member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS)'s PAT Interest Group, and has consulted with the APS on professional development opportunities as well as policy and ethics issues related to PAT. Lara also facilitates community-based integration group bush walks, and is part of a team of clinicians for an upcoming PAT research trial. She aims to authentically, and with integrity, walk the boundary between her rigorous evidence-based clinical training and more ancient and embodied ways of knowing.
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