Lara Bertolino, DPsych, BSc

Clinical Psychologist
Perth WA
Lara is a friendly, compassionate and direct therapist, with a genuine interest in helping her clients to chose their own path, learn new skills, and let go of beliefs and behaviour patterns that no longer serve them. She loves seeing her clients gain more psychological flexibility, and watching them begin to live a life driven by their values, rather than old habits. She’s also intimately familiar with how difficult that journey can be- she is figuring it out for herself too! Predominantly, Lara runs her sessions outdoors as "Walk and Talk" Therapy sessions. She enjoys working with nature as co-therapist. Eco-therapy is grounded in a developing body of research. We know that people heal quicker in hospitals if they have a natural view. We know that nature can restore focussed mindful attention, and can help regulate our autonomic nervous systems. Being in nature can help people observe on a deeper level how they interact with and move through the world. And we certainly know that mother nature would benefit from us humans having a more embodied and connected relationship with the natural world too! Lara does rent a clinic room one day a week, for those clients who prefer traditional consulting room sessions. Please be aware though that availability for consulting room sessions is much more limited than what can be offered in the great outdoors.
Lara is a Clinical Psychologist and Board-Approved Supervisor, who has has worked across both the public and private sector for the better part of a decade. Before starting Liminal Place in 2021, she worked for the last 3 years at Royal Perth Hospital, in the Multidisciplinary Pain Management Centre. There, she reinforced a keen sense of how important it is for people to move, and how interrelated the mind and body are, especially when it comes to trauma. To this end, she became increasingly drawn to pursuing her longstanding pipe-dream: doing therapy in a more active and embodied way, outside, in nature. A farm girl at heart, Lara has always had a strong connection to nature and country. Lara attended the 8th International Adventure Therapy Conference in Sydney in 2018 and the Outdoor Healthcare Symposium in 2021, and has built up her skillset in the outdoors through other work, volunteering, "walkshops", and additional training. Lara enjoys variety: she also works as a hiking guide for a local eco-tourism company. She is also training and working with pioneering mental health care professionals in the growing field of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. She aims to authentically, and with integrity, walk the boundary between her rigorous evidence-based clinical training and more ancient and embodied ways of knowing.
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