Lisa Gregory, BSW

Holistic Therapist
Brisbane QLD
My approach is collaborative, experiential and embodied to empower each person to discover their own insights and innate capacities for healing, change and transformation. I am happy to work alongside other practitioners for a collaborative approach to your care.
Professionally, I’ve been a social worker in the community mental health sector for about twelve years. I work with young people and adults experiencing mental health issues, responses to trauma, violence and oppression, existential crisis and spiritual emergence. I’ve worked as a support worker, group facilitator, team leader, supervisor, researcher and lived experience worker. I have been a community activist and continue to support movements for social change. Personally, I have my own story of recovering from mental illness, trauma, grief and burn out. I continue to evolve through engaging with holistic modalities such as psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, breath work and plant medicines. I offer my professional and personal experiences to meet you with love, compassion and reverence. I believe that recovery and healing are possible and that challenging experiences are opportunities for change, transformation and growth. They can inspire us to live in more meaningful and purposeful ways, and they can reconnect us with ourselves, each other and all that is. I am committed to my professional and personal development. I engage in regular supervision, reflective practice and community connection. I practice self- care and maintain a healthy work- life balance. I enjoy being in nature, dancing, stand- up comedy and ice cream.
I offer one on one coaching and counselling and co- facilitate small community integration groups locally.