Lorine Bay, LMFT

Introduction to the experience and dimensions of EXA (Expressive Arts Therapy) Clients will be able to identify aesthetic response and co-creation, the power of transitional objects, focus on process not just product, the importance of play, spontaneity, image, rhythm, involving the body and senses, drawing on the spiritual dimensions of experience and the healing aspects of personality in order to improve emotional regulation and more positive self talk. EXA, DBT, CBT, Person-Centered, meditation/mindfulness, motivational interviewing, Solution Focused. Currently I am only taking remote clients through Path Mental Health because they handle the insurance billing.
Loving the dynamic range art allows to explore the collective shadow and highlights of contemporary culture. Edge walking the liminal and non-dual spaces between beauty and horror, visible and invisible, representative and abstract, immanent and transcendent, the known and the ineffable. Exploring the mysteries through a variety of lenses, filters, schema and cosmologies in order to promote healing and deconstruct the Babylon systems of money, war and slavery and regenerate life serving systems of social permaculture, play and health.
Coming soon. I'm working on creating a decommodified, peer support model EXA group on Burning Man Hive social media.