Luminary Natural Wellness

Phoenix AZ
As a functional naturopathic clinic, Luminary Natural Wellness is always striving to find the root cause of an issue or ailment. With each patient, we suggest the least harmful, most effective, and most sustainable treatment possible. We offer one-on-one care from our Naturopathic Physician, who offers the most comprehensive and personal care imaginable. We look into every aspect of health and find a treatment option that works best for you in your current situation, while utilizing the healing power of nature. In relation to psychedelics, often we find that many of our bodily symptoms can arise from mental/emotional/spiritual imbalances. This may be from past traumas, current stressors, or myriad other causes. While our focus as a medical clinic is on healing the body, we often must heal the mind if we expect any sort of lasting changes. This is why we love lending medical, nutritional, and behavioral support throughout the psychedelic healing process. With proper preparation preceding a journey (lab and genetic testing, education, nutrition, supplementation, etc.) we can optimize the process to get the most out of a psychedelic experience while being as safe as possible. Further, we are able to lend support throughout the landing and integration phases of the psychedelic healing process to encourage and optimize any positive health and lifestyle changes moving forward. The adage 'It takes a village' is epitomized when someone is trying to heal using psychedelics. It requires a team to help us prepare, journey, integration, and heal ourselves through the process. The same is true throughout any health and healing journey, psychedelics or otherwise. We at Luminary Natural Wellness would be honored to assist you with the health and wellness portion of your journey and be a part of each other's communities!
Our clinic is a Naturopathic Medical Clinic specializing in personalized, functional care. We work to treat the whole person by pairing the knowledge of modern medicine with the evidence-based approach of functional medicine and the ancient wisdom with naturopathic medicine. Altogether, every patient receives the most comprehensive, safe, and effective care imaginable. Our care, paired with the expertise of other local professionals, leads to a complete model of care in which our patients can truly heal.
At Luminary Natural Wellness, we offer: -Functional Naturopathic Care -Functional Health Coaching -Behavior Change Coaching -Genetic Testing -Clinical Lab Testing -Traditional Chinese Medicine -Health and Safety Assistance with Psychedelic Preparation and Integration -Group Education -Courses -Weight Loss Programs At Luminary Natural Wellness, our specialities include: -Hormone Balance -Autoimmunity -Digestion -Detoxification -Weight Loss -Chronic Fatigue -Optimization