Matthew Govier, LPC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Brighton MI
My work is to hold space for benevolent awareness. To cultivate the conditions for the heart and mind to open, allowing each person to access their inherent wisdom, which unveils the psychological, emotional, and spiritual blockages that become each person's individual work. The process leads to the discovery of the healing truth within, which is revealed in a precise manner that allows for an individual to experience self-reorganization, a greater sense of openness, and the restoration of vitality.
I have enjoyed the privilege of practicing in the fields of mental and behavioral health treatment for over 7 years now. I have completed two masters degrees in differing areas of mental health counseling. In addition, I am a board certified addiction counselor, and a certified clinical trauma counselor. My wide range of clinical experience has provided me with the opportunity to serve as a clinical supervisor, an inpatient & outpatient counselor, an individual behavioral health counselor, a group therapist, and a family group therapist. Recently, in the Fall of 2021, I completed a certification in MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy through the MAPS organization. Today I am in the process of becoming a ketamine assisted psychotherapist, enabling me the opportunity to provide psychedelic assisted therapy to individuals who are in need of novel therapeutic interventions.
Integration therapy