Michael Sapiro, PsyD

Doctor in Clinical Psychology

Specialties: PTSD, spiritual emergence/emergency, psychedelic integration, consciousness and transformation science, Buddhist psychology, Non-dual Awareness

Services Offered: Individual, group, couples, psychedelic integration (individuals), psychedelic integration (groups), pre- and post-ritual counseling, trauma-focused psychotherapy, mind-body therapy, mindfulness training, research consultation (psychedelics)

Sessions: Telehealth & In person (Boise, ID)

Website: michaelsapiro.com


Michael Sapiro, PsyD is a clinical psychologist, Dharma teacher, meditation researcher, and former Buddhist monk.  He is on faculty at Esalen Institute and is a Fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences where he engages in research on meditation, transformation, and consciousness. He teaches nationally on the art and science of transformation, expanded human capabilities, self-care, and meditation for personal awakening and collective transformation. Dr. Sapiro is an affiliate faculty with Psychedelics Today in their Navigating Psychedelics Program, and is on the advisory committee to decriminalize psilocybin in San Diego. He is the founding teacher of Maitri Sangha Boise, an integrated Buddhist community, and director of Maitri House Yoga, LLC, serving the community through integrating meditation practices, psychology, noetic sciences, and social justice. Michael is under the direct guidance of Richard Miller, PhD of iRest in the Kashmir Shaivism lineage, and James Baraz of Spirit Rock in the Insight Meditation tradition.

He began his yoga and meditation training early in 1998, and has received certification as a Traditional Hatha Yoga instructor and Teacher Trainer. He is a certified iRest teacher under Richard Miller and is currently training in an advanced Dharma teacher program with James Baraz of Spirit Rock. Michael has also trained extensively in the disciplines & practices of Zen (under Abbot Jan Chozen Bays, and Gyokuko Carlson) and Theravada Buddhism, Raja and Hatha Yoga philosophy, and spent time as an ordained Buddhist monk in Northern Thailand. He has received certification as an Ayurvedic Life-Style Counselor with Dr. Frawley of the American Institute of Vedic Studies. Michael has worked in the Social Justice field for over two decades, serving marginalized populations in prisons, hospitals, clinics and rehab centers.

His work is dedicated to personal awakening for the sake of collective and planetary transformation. In his integrative work with individuals and groups he relies on non-dual awareness and Buddhist psychology as a means of finding wholeness and ease, while refining the human mind through the practical application of the Dharma.


How I work with clients

Integrative psychology merges Western psychological interventions with Non-dual and Buddhist meditation practices to address a variety of mental health and spiritual concerns.  Michael finds the greatest sense of well-being and healing comes from living a life of presence, vulnerability, and awareness.  Integrative psychology: awareness based, insight oriented, goal focused. Michael relies on James Fadiman’s model for preparing individuals to engage with plant medicines, and then offers integrative support afterwards. He believes having a consistent and dedicated spiritual practice before and after a psychedelic experience is essential for integrating what is found, learned, and experienced during a journey into daily life. He encourages people to create sustained changes in lifestyle and worldview rather than perpetual and on-going peak experiences.

What you can expect from Michael:
~ Kindness, compassion, humor, and directness
~ Encouragement to practice new skills outside of the clinic
~ Collaborative exploration of issues
~ Goal-focused and value-driven sessions promoting behavioral changes
~ Direct experience of non-dual states through cultivating presence, awareness, and vulnerability in sessions.

Podcast: The Awakened Heart of Awareness with Dr. Michael Sapiro



Clinical Psychologist (Idaho PSY #202991)


Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (John F. Kennedy University)


C-iRest; ERYT-500


English, Thai

Online Sessions


Location Idaho, Boise

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