Mindy Kanewske, LCSW

Austin TX
I work from a framework of what is called inner-directed, which means we trust the process of bringing detailed awareness towards your internal experience, showing us where to go. This has been such a natural transition of holding psychedelic integration space with clients, as psychedelic experiences are also inner-directed. We start by slowing down your experience. We invite curiosity about what is happening for you internally (body, emotionally, mentally) as we hold your experience. This allows rich awareness and information to unfold. From this place, we can help heal painful experiences, work with difficult parts of ourselves in a more helpful way and develop a stronger sense of Self. I trust the power of your inner healing intelligence. I create a container to help you access this ability within yourself. With psychedelic integration, allowing space for what the medicine wants to unfold for you in your life is so important. Sometimes the medicine is really clear on what it showed you. Other times, we can have confusing, or even challenging experiences and we aren't quite sure what the meaning is for us. Together, we get curious, we get embodied and invite in more awareness. If there is a piece of wounding or trauma that has been shown to you, we can work to heal it directly. If there is a newfound desire or insight that arises in you, we explore ways that you can begin to explore this in your life. I also know that after psychedelic journeys it may just be helpful to talk through the journey, solidifying the meaning you already have. Finally, co-creating practical ways to integrate these experiences into your daily life will always be a part of a session with me. I fully trust the process and honor that it will be different for everyone, and even different after each individual journey.
I am a fellow journeyer alongside of you. Psychedelics have been one of the most powerful catalysts for me on my healing journey. I have been a therapist for 15 years. I have primarily trained and worked with a holistic approach since beginning my career. I am committed to the ongoing work of healing myself, and hold it as a great privilege to be a container for clients I work with.
I offer Sub-Lingual Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy sessions at my office. I collaborate with Insight Psychiatry, who provides the medical assessment and ketamine prescription for our sessions.