Nikki King, MSN, RN

Psychedelic Harm Reduction Specialist
Fort Lauderdale FL
THE BASICS: 1 hour video call Collaborative psychedelic harm reduction session Individualized preparation for your next psychedelic trip Gain confidence and peace of mind before you embark
I’m Nikki — a psychedelic harm reduction specialist. I help you mindfully prepare for your next trip, answering all your burning questions, so all you need to focus on is fully immersing yourself in this transformational experience. I provide 1-on-1, ONLINE video conversations, lasting 1 hour, designed to equip you with the foundational principles necessary for your psychedelic journey. Taking your individual preferences into account, we’ll make sure you are using safe practices that fit the experience you choose to embark on. Together, we will build the foundation for a safer, and more enriching, psychedelic trip. We’ll cover my 5 Guiding Principles of Psychedelic Harm Reduction and help give you peace of mind during your preparation. I recommend scheduling our call at least 1 month before your chosen experience to give yourself plenty of time to get ready. You can always book more time if needed, but 1 hour is usually enough time to cover all of the essentials.