Nikki King, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Family Nurse Practitioner
Fort Lauderdale FL
I am currently establishing a business entity that will allow me to provide clients with psychedelic harm reduction consultation, IV/IM nutrition and more.
After recently obtaining my Master's degree and passing my boards, I have been searching for opportunities to utilize my skills in areas of interest. I spent the beginning of my career as a nurse in the ICU of a smaller hospital in Kentucky. During this time I took care of patients with many different health issues, but it was the patients with mental health crisis that I gravitated towards and felt needed my help most. Our hospital did not have any mental health providers, leaving us with challenges that had profound impacts on our patient population. As a new Family Nurse Practitioner, I strive to find an outlet to help those that deal with mental health, let them be heard, and help them heal. I am currently establishing my own business entity in the state of Florida and am immersing myself in psychedelic harm reduction. My goal is to provide services to individual clients that help them feel better inside and out. I have much to learn, but am incredibly excited to follow my passions and help others thrive.