Nikki King, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Family Nurse Practitioner
Fort Lauderdale FL
I work with clients using video call so that we can effectively communicate and develop a relationship where the client feels comfortable and heard.
Hello! I’m Nikki and I am a psychedelic harm reduction and integration specialist, helping individuals prepare and begin integrating psychedelic experiences to improve their mental health. My interest in psychedelics began after spending years working in the medical field and witnessing the underwhelming response to mental struggles, including my own. While researching ways to be a better mental health advocate, I read many studies using psychedelics and found the results to be astounding. While the use of psychedelics remains illegal and research is still being conducted, there are still people choosing to take them to help improve their mental health. In search of an outlet to help others heal, I decided to dive into psychedelic harm reduction and integration, finding a way to better serve those looking for help than I was previously able to using traditional channels. Although I cannot recommend anyone do anything illegal, I can help arm the journeyer with knowledge that can keep them safer and hopefully lead to an overall healing experience. Psychedelics have had a significant impact on my own mental health and it is an honor to help spread accurate knowledge about these healing plants and to help promote safety. Sharing knowledge with others is something that I enjoy and find incredibly fulfilling. My mission is to actively combat the stigma surrounding plant medicine and to empower individuals with accurate information, ensuring their safety and well-being. Safe Travels!