Pablo Sabucedo, PhD

Clinical Psychologist
London ENG
My approach is integrative: my aim is to adapt the therapy to the person and not the person to the therapy. I combine two modalities in clinical practice: acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT, a behaviour therapy) and person-centred therapy (PCT, a humanistic therapy). I have published academically on this perspective on psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (PAP). What I offer you is a calm and non-judgemental environment in which, with total confidentiality, you will be able to deal with any difficulties you are experiencing at the moment. While I do not facilitate access to, or provide, psychedelic substances due to their illegal nature, I do offer a harm reduction approach by providing accurate information, based on scientific research up to date, as well as psychological support to those struggling to make sense of distressing experiences they have had, or wanting to integrate insight gained from their experiences into their life.
My name is Pablo and I am a clinical psychologist and integrative psychotherapist. I completed my MSc and PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Leiden (Holland) and the University of Roehampton (England), respectively. I provide online psychological support, assessment and treatment from the United Kingdom and, as part of this work, I also offer psychedelic harm reduction and integration. I am well-informed about scientific research in the field: I am experienced as a researcher and clinician and I have published academically in areas such as psychotherapy integration, clinical psychedelic science and hallucinatory experiences.