Paola Gianfrotta, MA

Psychologist - Psychotherapist
Treviso TV
Conducted individual support counseling or psychotherapeutic interviews, meeting teenagers from 12 or 13 up to the first half of adulthood. I deal with development, trauma, dissociative states, anxiety, depression, bereavement loss, hikikomori and social withdrawal, parenting, life orientation and psychedelic experiences I organize group meetings and experiential workshops in collaboration with holistic wellness operators (reiki operators, Tibetan bells, meditation, guided relaxation) strongly believing in multi-disciplinary holistic collaboration.
I am a psychologist, graduated in clinical psychology with a criminological address, graduated with maximum marks. I trained in personality disorders and treatment of mental disorders, with particular clinical attention paid to the use and abuse of substances; I continued my training aimed at the rehabilitation of adolescents with pre-psychiatric disorders and at mental health centers. Currently carried out the free profession with teenagers and adults. I am specialized in Jungian analytically oriented psychotherapy, deeply believing in the holistic approach to personal care. I am a specialist in treatment and care of dissociative states trauma associated.
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