Parth Gandhi, PhD

Neuropsychologist & Psychedelic Therapist
Salt Lake City UT
Psychedelic therapies pair well with Emotion-focused therapies. Dr. Gandhi has trained in Compassionate Inquiry, Emotion-Focused Family Therapy, and Psychodynamic therapy. He creates a custom treatment plan for each client, based on their needs and current understanding.
Dr. Parth Gandhi is a Neuropsychologist and Neuroscientist advancing the clinical science of psychedelic research in the state of Utah. As the founder of SCPTR, his vision is to "Heal Ill and Better the Well" with Psychedelics, through the advancement of education and harm reduction modalities. Dr. Gandhi co-created and directed the Intermountain Psychedelics Symposium in January 2020. A MAPS-sponsored event in Utah that brought scientists and experts from across the country for a 3 day symposium about all psychedelics. IPS brought 800 participants together through 5 events and ended with the largest Zendo Project Training participation on record. ] Dr. Gandhi completed his Ph.D. in clinical psychology and neuropsychology with a focus on neuro-imaging and brain injury. He then pursued postdoctoral fellowship training at Columbia University in NYC, studying neurodevelopmental conditions. While there, he also studied executive leadership development and was a leadership coach to over 500 executives. He has been the principal investigator on several NIH studies. He is very interested in studying the enhanced cognitive, social, and creative effects of psychedelics on Autism and Concussion, as well as the healing aspects of certain psychedelics related to Addiction and Depression. He practices and teaches yoga, meditation, and mindfulness in Salt Lake City, Utah. He believes in the power of psychedelics to awaken the unconscious, cure the ill, and better the well. He co-founded the non-profit SCPTR, with the goal of developing the resources necessary to bring psychedelics to the public and is working with regulatory bodies at the state level to legalize safe psychedelic assisted psychotherapies including psilocybin and mdma