Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care Program

Psychedelic Program

Organizer: Juliana Mulligan, Program Coordinator

Date & Time: Please check our training and events page for upcoming programs and ongoing groups

In person location: 370 Lexington, Suite 500, NY NY 10017


The Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care Program is designed to assist people who have had psychedelic experiences and seek support in connection with those experiences and people who would like to learn more about the therapeutic use of psychedelics. Our overarching intentions for the program include exploring how psychedelics can contribute to the healing process in dealing with substance use issues and trauma through education and community events. In keeping with the harm reduction approach that the Center for Optimal Living is known for, we also seek to reduce psychedelic use’s potential risks. Individuals who have had difficult experiences can benefit from a better understanding of the often-challenging feelings stirred by psychedelics. Those who have had positive experiences can use supportive therapy to bolster and integrate these insights into their daily lives.

We are currently offering virtual panel discussions, psychedelic integration groups, and trainings.

About the Organizers

Juliana Mulligan has been an active member of the Ibogaine community for eight years and holds a B.A. in Psychology. She has worked in three Ibogaine clinics, completed Andrew Tatarsky's IHRP training, and has presented at multiple Psychedelic and Harm Reduction conferences. Under her current business Inner Vision Ibogaine, she works therapeutically with people supporting them in preparation for and integration after treatment. Previously Juliana was an opioid-dependent person. In 2011, with the help of Ibogaine treatment, she left opioids behind and set off on a path to transform the way drug users and their treatment is approached. Her work centers around guiding individuals to their own inner power and supporting them in reframing their life experiences into knowledge and inspiration sources. She has developed a guide for finding safe Ibogaine treatment and is currently working to create new accountability and responsibility systems among Ibogaine practitioners and in the greater psychedelic therapy community. Juliana hopes to orient the Psychedelic Program to focus on the social intersections of the psychedelic community and how to create support for those who use psychedelics. She has been featured in Double-Blind magazine, Woman's Day magazine, and Psymposia.

Location New York, New York City

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