Shawn Olson, MD

Director of Integrative Medicine
Saint Paul MN
Dr Olson understands that for thousands of years, the doctor's job was to relieve suffering. Only with the advent of scientific medicine did the balance shift to a nearly exclusive focus on curing disease. He feels it is his duty to return the focus towards healing, presence, and connection, joining patients along their journey to discover their strength, find balance and return to their nature.
Dr Olson understands the body’s tremendous capacity to heal and specializes in guiding patients to harness this power. He strongly believes that we should not settle for simply being “not sick“, and that we can be truly well in our body, regardless of our history and what we’ve been told in the past. He understands the significant effect the environment we find ourselves in can have on health and wellness. He is dedicated to the primacy of prevention of disease wherever possible over reactive “too late” medicine. Dr Olson has extensive experience, with over a decade of clinical practice. He is board certified in occupational medicine and lifestyle medicine, with fellowship training in integrative medicine. He has completed Ketamine and Psychedelic Medicine training through the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute under the supervision of Dr. Scott Shannon. Dr Olson has wide ranging knowledge, with experience in diverse areas including occupational medicine, preventive medicine and public health, anesthesiology, spinal medicine and chronic pain management, lifestyle medicine and integrative medicine.