Taylor Olson, MCP, RCC

Registered Clinical Counselor
Vancouver BC
I adhere to an existential perspective, which means I am focused on helping individuals pursue authenticity and confront the most fundamental aspects of the human condition. I am also strategically focused; dedicated to uncovering practical and effective methods that individuals can use to confront their challenges.
I chose to pursue a career in psychotherapy after experiencing the extraordinary effects that it had on my own life. For a sustained period, I lived within a cloud of confusion and fear; having no hope for the future. Through the process of therapy, I discovered how to confront my challenges, face difficult decisions with confidence, and adopt an authentic mode of living. Through my own suffering, I have developed a passion for helping others, and remain ever increasingly inspired by the success of many individuals. Outside of my practice, I spend my time playing jazz music, playing soccer, and hiking with my German Shepherd, Bongo. I also have an interest in philosophy and enjoy reading and writing.