Thomas Meacham, MD

Medical Doctor
Seattle WA
Through my clinic, Gryphon Ketamine and Integrative Therapies, PLLC, I accept referrals from mental health and medical clinicians, as well as direct referrals. For many, I provide the end-to-end care with Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy, or can work as a team with our in-house psychotherapist or nurse-anesthetist. I can also provide medication support for a referring outside therapist after a collaborative relationship is established. For patients referred by a clinician, I will refer back when the course of specialty treatment is complete. Preparation for set and setting is the key to success, with emphasis on meeting the patient where they are at, providing good communication, good boundaries and finding the opportunities to aid healing as they present themselves.
I was raised in the California Bay Area and in Central Florida. I studied chemistry at Florida State University and was accepted to medical school early admission. I received the United States Air Force Health Professions Scholarship and completed Medical School at the University of Florida (1987). My Psychiatry Residency was on Active Duty at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and I served overseas and domestically as a psychiatrist. I am a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (in psychiatry). I’m a second generation psychiatrist and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy provider, my role model being my late uncle, Joseph Downing, MD (1924-1993). While his influence led me to a career in psychiatry as well as psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to practice psychedelic medicine during my career, so this is an amazing gift.
Aside from the KAP and Infusion offerings, Gryphon Ketamine is actively developing integration groups and intensives. Clinicians interested in a career with Gryphon, please write us at