Tomas Frymann, MA

Apprentice Clinical Psychologist

Specialties: Psychedelic Education and Integration Specialist

Services Offered: Psychedelic Education and Integration Specialist

Sessions: Telehealth & In person (San Diego, CA)


Article: Interbeing as a Framework for Integrating Self-Transcendent Psychedelic Experiences

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As a surfer, academic, meditator, world traveler, student of philosophy, socially-oriented person, and general ‘yes-sayer’ I have explored what it means to live a good life from many angles. My enthusiasm for cultivating and understanding wellness is what guided me to a career in psychology. My doctoral research at Columbia University in the Psychology and Spirituality lab has been focused on the awareness of ‘Inter-Being’ – which refers to the sense that all people are unique and yet one with the universe (no more separate from the whole of creation than a wave is from the ocean). My research work has been focused on understanding and communication surrounding the shift from a sense of Separate Being to Inter-Being based identity.

Alongside research, my clinical psychology work has spanned the spectrum from working with healthy individuals who are seeking to improve their lives to working with acutely psychotic and severely depressed individuals in the hospital ICU. I have experience working from CBT, IPT, DBT, ACT, family, and psychodynamic orientations. I spent months working at an Ayahuasca treatment center, Rythmia, and have supported numerous individuals in their psychedelic experiences and integration. I am also the founder of the non-profit organization ‘As We Wake’, which hosts Mind-Body-Surf retreats and engages in media production and social activism rooted in the perspective of Interbeing. Across my work I value bringing forward an authentic, appreciative, and positive attitude, and striving to bridge the personal, professional, spiritual, and scientific worlds.


How I work with clients

In the first session we aim to 1. Gain an understanding of the background and life context of the client and 2. Educate the client on any unresolved questions regarding their intended psychedelic experience. In the second session we aim to 3. Address helpful tools for harm reduction via discussing the unique creation of set and setting for the client in the experience. In the third session we aim to 4. Prepare for the journey via formulation of intentions in the context of current life circumstances. In sessions following the psychedelic experience we will aim to 5. Understand how the experience can best inform positive change.

Psychedelics have been one of the most powerful lenses through which I have witnessed my own, and others, life exploration and transformation happen. As such, I feel a deep sense of purpose and happiness in helping others prepare for, navigate, and integrate these powerful experience. In working with clients I am open minded, supportive, curious, good hearted, and on a lucky day a little humorous. I mix in my backgrounds in scientific research and psychology, as well as familiarity with world religions, philosophy, and culture.

My own experiences opened me up to a profoundly new and more expansive worldview – one that led me to feel more connected to nature, to my friends, to the cosmos, and to my inner life. I feel a deep sense of happiness and purpose in sharing the lessons I have learned in navigating the profound and at times radical shifts that can come from psychedelics.


Supervised by a fully licensed psychologist (California)


Masters in Psychology (Columbia University)
PhD in Clinical Psychology Candidate (Columbia University)


English, low fluency Spanish

Online Sessions


Location California, San Diego

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