Trevor Slocum, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Practitioner
Seattle WA
My psychotherapy practice is dedicated to growth - helping people to relieve suffering, improve their relationships, and reach their fullest potential. This is achieved in the context of a nonjudgmental, affirming, relational therapeutic process with a focus on attaining goals and increasing overall joy and life satisfaction. Currently, my office is located in the Maple Leaf district of Seattle and I see patients Mondays through Thursdays.
Having spent four years within a Buddhist order, and certified in Contemplative Psychology, I use my training in mindfulness to help others explore their embodied mind and develop calm confidence. After traveling widely, I trained as a therapist, receiving my degree in Existential Phenomenological Therapeutic Psychology from Seattle University. I am a national board-certified counselor and licensed in Washington as a mental health counselor. I worked for five years as a psychotherapist in community mental health, treating the chronically mentally ill.