Vinnie Rotondaro, BSc

Integration Coach
Washington DC
I work in person with clients in a variety of settings.
I am a mind-body coach who specializes in psychedelic integration therapy — specifically in work with psilocybin. In order to meet your unique tastes and needs, I draw from a variety of disciplines to help you prepare your body and mind for what is to come, and then integrate what you are shown. As you consider working with psychedelic plant medicine, I encourage you to come as you are. It is my job to introduce you to the terrain, help you articulate your goals and intentions, and make your feel comfortable and confident along this path of self-exploration and healing. As for my own story, I came to psychedelic therapy after years of struggle with chronic pain stemming from a spinal fusion I had to correct idiopathic scoliosis as a teenager. Psychedelic plant medicine helped me see how I hold pain in my body and mind — and how I can let go of it. In addition to working with clients, I enjoy writing about the science of pain. Currently, I am researching a book about the workings of pain in the body and in society. I am particularly fascinated by the influence of intergenerational dynamics on the experience of pain. While not writing or working with clients, you can probably find me playing drums, cooking, listening to good music, or hanging out with my beautiful family. I am excited to meet you and learn more about your story. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!
Psychedelic integration coaching