Wayne A Ayers, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
New York City NY
I am grounded in traditional science based psychotherapy and behavior change. I have seen rooms full of people whip themselves into a frenzy about the power of 'downloads' and speaking with intelligent spirits--with it all amounting to very little the following days. I've seen people consume quantities of psychedelics and be unwilling to have a difficult conversations with their loved one or friend. I am and have been one of those people. Primarily, I am interested in consciousness and ways in which humans think and experience the world. I believe we are profoundly shaped and limited by early learned familial, cultural and bodily patterns and templates. Our work will be to take the 'backwards step' to see how you are participating in and shaping your experience in unhelpful ways. Often it is these very ways which are the key to further growth and development. Psychedelics and herbal medicines are a powerful ally in this endeavor. They force us to confront ourselves, our limits, our own death, and by doing so reveal what is actually possible and help us find the courage to actualize it. I have experience in this exploration but I have no answers. These must come from you in your exploration of yourself. I can help guide the way.
Like many in this profession I am a product of an originally dysfunctional family system and have spent my life trying to understand what did and did not work well in that constellation. I became a doctor of psychology to at first heal my family and I realized along the way that I was actually trying to heal myself. I became a existential psychologist, then a behavioral psychologist, then a psychoanalytic psychologist, a group psychologist...and then a just a person trying to help myself and others become aware of the ways in which we all limit ourselves needlessly. I have lived a life committed to self understanding and self confrontation. I have been in individual therapy for the past 35 years. I was in 3 day a week psychoanalysis for 13 years. I have been multiple psychotherapy groups, one for the past 25 years. I have participated in numerous residential retreats and experiential trainings. I have been a zen practioner for 20+ years. I have been trained in psilocybin and mdma therapies through Horizon's classes with William Richards. I have been trained in ketamine assisted therapies by Fluence in NYC. I say this not to indicate that I am particularly accomplished, but only that I have been focused in my devotion to this work. I have worked at local hospitals in NYC for many years and have specialized in the treatment of psychological trauma, mood and personality disorders, and substance abuse/addiction. I have found psychedlics to be an amazing, powerful and at times incomprehensible tool in the healing suffering and advancement of human potential.
Currently I offer individual meetings and meetings with couples. This includes the options of psychedelic integregration, personal healing and development. The cost is dependent upon your financial status, your commitment to the work and my needs.