6 Ways Ayahuasca Works like a Good Trauma Therapist

Originally published at Chacruna.net by Kerry Moran, MA, LPC

Be it plant spirit, a chemical cocktail that triggers our innate wisdom, or some mysterious blend of both, ayahuasca has a profound capacity to illuminate the issues underlying depression, anxiety, and addiction. Often what’s revealed is the unprocessed trauma lying at the root of these. By bringing awareness directly to the source, deep healing can occur.

Neurological research indicates that trauma doesn’t impact the cortical (rational) brain as much as the limbic (emotional) brain. Ayahuasca is known to affect the deeper regions of the brain where trauma is encoded, in ways that may parallel the effects of body-based trauma healing therapies like Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Sensorimotor Processing…….. read full article.